End to HSI

Tomorrow is the last day of HSI and today is the last day of our classes. My heart is heavy as I type this, knowing I will no longer be able to see the friends I have made as often as I would like. I have grown accustomed to this way of life, this frequent activity, and this treatment as if I am a adult, not a high school student. It will be strange to go back home and to my normal life after this and I fear my summer will be boring. After these too short three weeks I am coming away with thousands of stories to share.

I have learned some great lessons from my multimedia class. When applying for HSI, multimedia was not my first choice, yet I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. I have learned skills with the camera to help me capture the beauty of life. I learned how easy it actually is to start and keep a blog. I feel much more media literate and have come away with a higher understanding of what I am absorbing everyday.

My HIV/AIDS class has opened my eyes to really what a complex and diverse infection  HIV really is. I learned how to better protect myself from infection, and  the history of the disease that is affecting millions.

Leaving with so many positive memories it is hard to pick out a favorite. If I had to I guess I would say the night we did the lipsynce battles as every single group that went had a very funny and unique act. My sides hurt from laughing and I left the theater in one of the best moods of my life.

HSI has shown me that I can make it. I can leave my home and all I know and make new friends and connections. I know that as of now I can be at least modernly independent. I know the steps needed to apply and attend a university and as of now my eyes are set on UW.

Were I to relive HSI I wouldn’t be so nervous the first couple of days. It is really a much more manageable experience then I thought. In a few short words about the overall experience, it was life changing.

Here are some pictures from the last day of class enjoy!



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Media and its effects

In class we discussed the different effects media can have on a person. The effects come in four dimensions. The first being the timing of the effect, whether the effect happens right away or after a larger period of  time. Then there is the type of effect and how it effects how you think and act, such as cognitive, behavioral, or belief. Third is the valence, the benefit or drawback of the content. Then there is whether or not the effect was intentional.

I like to feel that I am not that influenced by the media, since I mostly use it as a source of entertainment, yet in reality I am certain that in some small subconscious way it effects me. I can think of a few specific examples though. For instance watching a cooking show stimulates my appetite making me salivate and grow hungry, a physiological effect. Reading certain books and watching certain films makes me care for the characters as if their real people a emotional effect. Watching a Watch Mojo top 10 on YouTube can affect my opinion on certain films and games, a unintended attitudinal effect.

Body image

Today’s media literacy topic was in body image and how the media promotes their version of it. In truth I am not the best source as I have never been influenced by to look a certain way. I’ve never been watching a show or reading a magazine and thought “I want to look like Chris Hemmsworth! I want Hugh Jackmen’s arms!” Never happens to me. I do  see what the argument is about, how the desired form is something most of us are not and how this is “evil” and makes people “despise” themselves.

But the way I see it if looking in a magazine that portrays a muscular powerful man makes you want to change the way you are i see no evil in that. Most of those man have achieved their state from hard work and self discipline, admirable traits that more of us could bear to have. When the media portrays health and a path to reach it then I don’t see a problem, the problem is those who are to lazy to actually work for what they want and cheat using untested dieting pills, wasteful cosmetic surgery, and even drug abuse.

If you want to be who you currently are then all power to you. Yet if you are dissatisfied with your life and want to change it in a constructive way, then what harm is their in being motivated by a male model? Just my two cents.

And Tango makes three, My take away.

In class today we discussed the topic of book banning and censorship as a whole. We shared some strong opinions and beliefs  on the subject (I think some people are now thinking of me as a young Joseph Stalin now, oops). At the end of class we read the children’s book “And Tango makes Three”.  It was a short picture book about how two homosexual penguins at the central park zoo, raise an chick together. Apparently there is some controversy over the book and it has been banned on several elementary school libraries. I personally think the ban was unwarranted it is a simple kids book about a different kind of family targeted at an age where everything is a mystery and children that young don’t even know yet that what they are reading is against the norm. Though I can see the views of those who would want it banned. Some parents are still against that and bigotry as it may be, they are still entitled to their beliefs, and don’t want their children “exposed” to what they think is taboo.

Now I know this isn’t  the only time that young children’s entertainment has been the subject of homosexual debate. In the recent box office hit “Zootopia”, mostly as a hidden joke for the adults watching with their kids, there is a gay antelope couple who share a last name in the credits. Also many fans of the hit movie “Frozen” claim they want to see in the sequel Elsa with a female love interest. I think that it is more than okay for these things to start taking place in our media , as these sort of things are quickly becoming a part of our society. That being said I really don’t think that children’s entertainment is a inappropriate forum for this debate. Kids should have these years to be kids, and enjoy their movies and books without stepping into a heated debate filled with hate and bigotry.

In truth I have no experience with book bans at my hometown. We are pretty open.

Also only sections of the bible have I read on the banned list. On the matter of book banning in reality is neigh impossible with how widespread the internet is.

Social Media

In class today we watched the PBS Frontline episode about “generation like” and how social media has affected advertising and how talent is promoted in today’s world. What stuck with me most about this video was the amount of power and fame the company “The Audience” can gather. Through them, they attract talented people looking to make it whether its in music, YouTube, or on other social media. They then help manege the stars media accounts, arrange collaborations. It just stuck with me how new business is being generated by the industry.

Most surprising thing about the video for me was the bit about the skaters and how a crass immature child was much more popular and famous then a true to himself skilled skater.

On the subject of advertising… in truth i don’t see any evil in using this system of fan appreciation and the like and share system to promote the product. People what to show each other what there into, and the company wants to show what they offer. What’s the harm of helping each other out?

Before this video a did know what selling out is. If you truly are a fan and user of that product or event, what shame is there in accepting money to help further your craft. Yet if you have no relevance or connection to what you are promoting,  or you change who you are, then yes selling out is abhorrent and shameful.

Something extra

So I noticed that I still have some videos I made in digital video saved in my google drive. Here they are, fair warning  their  trashy, but I put a lot of love into them.  In my opinion their quality  goes from best to worst by music video, Pig Strangler, Stop motion.


Music Video

Stop Motion

Horror Film



Vedauwoo Photos

Vedauwoo was very beautiful, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to visit for the day were my only agenda was to hike, enjoy nature, and take pictures. These photos come from the start and the finish of my exploration as SOMEONE not saying any names (Andrew) had the quality camera when I hiked up to the more naturally stunning locations. These are still satisfactory I hope.



Some photos, hope you like them.


Cropping of her feet, many different colors from the couch and her cloths, wall acts a little bit as a background, rule of three present


Contrast between the dinosaur shadow and the display wood, some framing of the paper, paper also acts to establish size


A texture image that really gives you a feel for how the fossil feels, the brown part of it helps frame the marbled section, cropping of the rest of the fossil

Texture of the peat of in the plant bed, rule of three from the “moss” shadow and stem of tree, shadow and  the well lit plant offer contrast


Viewpoint of me lying on the ground, lots of color from the flags and the walls, some contrast, rule of three with the flags pillar and windows


Today has been very insightful on the inner working of how great photography is made. Of course mine is by no means great photography but you do the best you can. Now I know how to identify what it is I see on everyday and astounding photos and some tricks as to how I can attempt to make some of my own.