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In class today we watched the PBS Frontline episode about “generation like” and how social media has affected advertising and how talent is promoted in today’s world. What stuck with me most about this video was the amount of power and fame the company “The Audience” can gather. Through them, they attract talented people looking to make it whether its in music, YouTube, or on other social media. They then help manege the stars media accounts, arrange collaborations. It just stuck with me how new business is being generated by the industry.

Most surprising thing about the video for me was the bit about the skaters and how a crass immature child was much more popular and famous then a true to himself skilled skater.

On the subject of advertising… in truth i don’t see any evil in using this system of fan appreciation and the like and share system to promote the product. People what to show each other what there into, and the company wants to show what they offer. What’s the harm of helping each other out?

Before this video a did know what selling out is. If you truly are a fan and user of that product or event, what shame is there in accepting money to help further your craft. Yet if you have no relevance or connection to what you are promoting,  or you change who you are, then yes selling out is abhorrent and shameful.

2 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. I like the comment about changing who you are as a definition of “selling out.” I agree. If there is a marketing or advertising opportunity that makes sense and represents who you are, then great. But, if you’re just promoting something for the money, then it may eventually change who you are as a person.

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