Body image

Today’s media literacy topic was in body image and how the media promotes their version of it. In truth I am not the best source as I have never been influenced by to look a certain way. I’ve never been watching a show or reading a magazine and thought “I want to look like Chris Hemmsworth! I want Hugh Jackmen’s arms!” Never happens to me. I do  see what the argument is about, how the desired form is something most of us are not and how this is “evil” and makes people “despise” themselves.

But the way I see it if looking in a magazine that portrays a muscular powerful man makes you want to change the way you are i see no evil in that. Most of those man have achieved their state from hard work and self discipline, admirable traits that more of us could bear to have. When the media portrays health and a path to reach it then I don’t see a problem, the problem is those who are to lazy to actually work for what they want and cheat using untested dieting pills, wasteful cosmetic surgery, and even drug abuse.

If you want to be who you currently are then all power to you. Yet if you are dissatisfied with your life and want to change it in a constructive way, then what harm is their in being motivated by a male model? Just my two cents.

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