Media and its effects

In class we discussed the different effects media can have on a person. The effects come in four dimensions. The first being the timing of the effect, whether the effect happens right away or after a larger period of  time. Then there is the type of effect and how it effects how you think and act, such as cognitive, behavioral, or belief. Third is the valence, the benefit or drawback of the content. Then there is whether or not the effect was intentional.

I like to feel that I am not that influenced by the media, since I mostly use it as a source of entertainment, yet in reality I am certain that in some small subconscious way it effects me. I can think of a few specific examples though. For instance watching a cooking show stimulates my appetite making me salivate and grow hungry, a physiological effect. Reading certain books and watching certain films makes me care for the characters as if their real people a emotional effect. Watching a Watch Mojo top 10 on YouTube can affect my opinion on certain films and games, a unintended attitudinal effect.

One thought on “Media and its effects

  1. These are excellent examples of how media has impacted you. That relationship that you are talking about with media characters, where you grow to care for characters as if they are real people, that is actually a really big research area in my field of media and communication. That relationship we have with media characters is called a “parasocial relationship” and they are extremely common and valuable to our lives. You are a very bright student for recognizing this impact of media on you. And, I also love the cooking show example as well. Spot on! I hope that you take these lessons with you as you progress through high school and college.

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