Here we go

First Blog post

Hey, I am Syler Fleck and I am currently attending High school summer institute. It is my third day here and I can already tell I am going to love this experience and all that it can teach me, both about the world and myself. HSI first came to my attention when my older brother attended three years ago, it was then that I learned that my mom had also attended the program when it had first began. When it was my turn to attend high school after our school adviser mentioned HSI applications she pulled me aside and said “Syler you need to apply for this. Its perfect for you.” she didn’t need to. I was already sold. Was captured me the most was the concept of learning for the sake of learning instead of a leader grade. I still am forever grateful for the teachers who vouched for me for without their letters I doubt I would have made it here.

I hope to learn from the HSI experience is how to be a more social creature, and make connections with new people. I want to learn a few things about myself like, am I currently ready for college life, and living away form home. As of today HSI has been everything that I have expected and more. I have already met a cast of unique and different characters that I hope to create lasting connections with, in the days to come. The activities are engaging and the food is great, today is my first day of classes and so far they stack up to what I’ve been lead to believe. I do have worries that I have landed in the wrong class for me. Selecting what courses I wanted to take while here was one of the hardest choices I’ve had to make, and it sounds impossible to chose wrong. This is a nitpick worry as I have high hopes for these classes.

We spent part of class reading the farewell blog posts from past HSI students and it has left me with new feelings. This has boosted my excitement for what is to come, and also my dread for when it must eventually end. I want to feel that same bittersweet feeling that they do when I am called upon to make my farewell post. I hope that I can create and experience that will stick with me forever.